Life Lately: New Beginnings

by - Saturday, May 20, 2017

I've been out for a month, I wasn't really into going out or even respond to my friend's messages on my messenger. I would say it was a blank phase of my life (I know there's more to come, I was just starting).

I was planning to be active on this blog starting April, but everything went the other way. I prayed and prayed every night, I was so confused, a stage where I don't know what to do, literally lost. My life is taking a very different path than I planned but thinking and realizing about it now, I'm glad it happened though. I get to experience new things, a job that is fun as well as the people around it. I felt like I'm not a new employee, they welcomed me with open arms. Btw, the below activities was before and after the "emote phase".

home made s'mores made by myself
bought 5 packs of fuji Instax films
twinning in New Balance shoes
breakfast at Mcdo
first time in Dubai Opera
Jurassic Park in concert
matcha green tea frappe
all things sweet
movie date night with friends
Ghost in the shell
learn to swim (still)
3D movie
stuff toy from a vending machine
stopped jogging/running
writing down prayers
karak tea
and lastly, new job
(the reason why I can't have my vacation this year, I have to wait another year. I really miss home but I can still bear the homesickness, the idea of eating legit Filipino foods, family gatherings, literally just the idea of being home. It's a good thing, on the other hand, I have time to save. haha)

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

Love. Kristine

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