Photographs from Umm Suqeim Beach

by - Wednesday, March 08, 2017

One random Friday, I went to Umm Suqeim Beach with Joville and Kim. Its just us three, since some friends doesn't like the idea of going to the beach did some personal errands. It's my first, we usually go to Jumeirah Beach for swimming. It's never overcrowded that's why I like how it's quite and relaxing plus it comes with great view of the Burj Al Arab. I saw older couple sitting by the shore and drinking cold juices, a man lying in the sand while reading his book, a group of people surf paddling (they have their own area so it wont bother you swimming around). I really like the vibe going on, everyone is trying to relax from their busy lives. After 3 hrs, we dried ourselves wore our clothes then went home. Oh and by the way, the beach can be reached easily through public transport, they have changing room, wash room (free of charge) and a restaurants to enjoy some refreshing drinks.

It was a nice Friday Morning.

Love. Kristine

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