March Favorites 2017

by - Friday, March 31, 2017

Since March is about to end, I'll be showing you another monthly favorites for this month. I feel like days pass by too quickly and I can't wait for our Philippine vacation months from now(hopeful). I haven't been home for almost 2 years and hopefully my sister and I will get our leave approval soon. I already made a list of what foods we want to eat, places to go, people to meet and things to buy that's why I'm so ecstatic. Anyway, here are my favorites..

1. Victoria's Secret in Vanilla Lace, Secret Escape & Aqua Kiss - my sister and I bought three different scents. Each of us will get our personal favorite and the remaining one is the scent we both like, that's what you called FAIRNESS haha. As always I got the vanilla lace cause I'm smellsvanilla LOL.
2. Forever 21 Leggings - I personally dont like cotton type leggings but this leggings is an exception. I like how it fits perfectly in my ankle, it's thick but light weight. We don't want to see any visible undies or skin  because it's not a stocking guys. My personal favorite is from Sassa but I cant find any sassa leggings here so I will buy lots of it when I visit Philippines soon.
3. Forever 21 hair tie - Basic must have and because one is never enough.
4. Mars Chocolate drink -  no explanation needed. 
5. Koton Dress - I may look like girly girl but I don't like fitted clothes. I become so conscious about my fats, shapes and all maybe this is the downside of seeing so many fit and skinny people online and you slowly lose confidence. I got the large size but It doesn't look that big though maybe because it's stretchable so it shrinks. My cousin got it for me, thank you.
6. Chia Seed and Rolled Oats - I've been eating this combination nonstop. This is my go to breakfast, its so easy and healthy. I made a post about it here.
7. Adele 25 album - I always listen to it every night. Lakas maka emote.

Love. Kristine

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