Foodie Friday: Eataly

by - Saturday, March 18, 2017

I decided to make another segment where I post about different restaurants that my sister (or friends) and I went to since we agreed that every month we have to try different fancy restaurant to reward ourselves, to try something new and to explore other options of food. And by fancy, I mean good food and good interior regardless of the price. We want to try a lot of different things as much as we can because we don't wanna be ignorant in this judgmental world.

We both love food, if I were not that conscious of what I eat I probably look twice or trice as big as I am now. No matter how I tried to eat less I still gained few kilos so shutout to all the people who eats a lot but doesn't gain any weight through out their existence. You are lucky lol.

cheese section where you can buy all kinds of cheese
behind me is the Pasta and Pizza section where the magic happens

This was our January dinner at Eataly located inside the Dubai Mall. They have their dessert section, pasta section, cheese section and grocery section. When we arrived, we dont have any idea of the resto. We went inside and tried the we-know-what-we-are-doing look. So here's a tip always ask, that's what we did. I never thought it would be that big since it really looks small from afar. It was a good dinner because I've experienced their food together with my sister and  it's something that we can do together aside from shopping and do groceries (she normally goes out to different restaurants together with her boyfriend so she tried a lot already). Last February was at Dampa Seafood and Grill, sadly I don't have any photos that time but I think there's one on my Instagram.

We paid roughly 270 dhs with 2 mojito drinks, big plate of pasta and medium size of  Margarita pizza. It was worth the money.

Love. Kristine

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