What It Feels Like When You Just Turned 23

by - Sunday, January 08, 2017

I woke up around eleven on my twenty third birthday. It was an ordinary day doing what I normally do, I didn’t think much about anything since we will go to the airport at 7 pm to catch my mom's flight. The only thing that made me kilig was my plan to apply for Schengen visa but for some important reasons, I put that on hold and make use of the money in more important matter than that trip.

If you were to ask me five years ago, I’d thought by twenty three I already traveled some places that I wanted to crossed out on my bucket list, have my own savings (opened an account but no savings), I can buy things I wanted and happily with someone. But now that I am officially twenty three, thinking about these things makes my head spin. Everything is changing and a lot of circumstances passed my way that I never thought of coming. I learned to weigh what’s more important than just thinking about what I want all the time. That being said, prioritizing yourself is totally fine and that’s how it should be but when it comes to your family or people around you who needs help (important) in any way you have to respond and make some sacrifices. It’s like focusing on yourself but not being selfish. 

Despite the downsides, 22 was still a great year. Some of my high school friends are now here in Dubai, my sister is here and somehow solved my mom’s problem. I experienced so much at the age of 22, the goods, the bads, the ups and the downs. Looking back to those days, I, myself, was surprised how did I survive all that (with God's faith and guidance).

Always keep in mind (specifically referring to myself) that life in general is scary and wonderful at the same time. We are still young enough to fall and pick ourselves back many more times. You will experience a lot of bad times and a lot of wonderful times which makes life worth living. Don’t be obsessed finding a relationship, as what they say, it happens when you’re not looking for it at all. Always be kind, everyone has something they are going through that we didn’t know. Take things a day at a time.

23 is going to be a good year and I’m claiming it.  

Love. Kristine

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