My (Current) Skincare Routine

by - Sunday, December 11, 2016

Iv'e been using The Face Shop products since my skin is sensitive. I'm looking for mild products yet effective. My pimples started popping out back 2nd year college. I have so many pimples in my T-zone and in my cheeks especially the left side. It was so embarrassing, I remember I went to my class with red face, it's like someone just slapped me on my face, it was pimples plus allergies. Imagine how it looked like. I hate it so much whenever I have pimples because it takes the confidence left inside me. My skin type is mix, oily and dry at the same time.

I asked one of the salesladies in the shop regarding pimple treatments and she recommend the 1) Clean Face Mild Toner- Tea Tree Leaf Extract. This new and improved, tea tree leaf extract treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively.  2) Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing- Enriched with green tea, this formula helps eliminate excess sebum and dead skin cells that block pores. Since the Clean Face moisturizer is not available I used 3) Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion- I've been using this moisturizer before, I like how its light on my face and it doesn't feel sticky at all. I'm doing it daily with the face brush.

I've used the Herb Day 365 Cleansing foam in Aloe Vera before, I wont dry your face or tighten your face after wash. But right now I'm using the 1)Herb Day 365 Cleaning foam in Lemon- Formulated with Lemon Extract, this mild cleansing foam helps remove dead skin cells and leaves skin fresh. I used it once a week to exfoliate my skin. I tried using it everyday as what the sales lady told me but unluckily it dried my face and begun breaking out even more. 2) Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Cleansing Foam, originally it's my sister's but I used it as well, once a week. 3) L'action Tea Tree Nose Pore Strips, every 2 weeks or whenever I needed to. 4) L'action Mud Mask or any face mask, every 2 weeks or 3 weeks, it depends if i'm not that lazy.

I still get pimples every now and then especially if my monthly visit arrives but It doesn't stressed me out anymore cause I have products that makes them dry and it doesn't leave any black/dark spots. I will definitely repurchase once I run out.

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