How I edit My Instagram & Gadgets I Use

by - Thursday, October 13, 2016

Have you ever looked your Instagram feed and wondered how some people make their photos look so good? #FeedGoals their nonstop travels, adventure, foods, OOTDs and so on. How their feed looks good even just taking photo of their shoes or cup of coffee. I know this sounds cray cray stressing about how your feed looks like when there's so much bigger problems to stress about. For me, this is not about bragging what you have or to envy others' lives, if it makes you happy and if it does't harm anyone, post it. First things first, what cameras I used:

              |Liam my Canon 1100D with 50 mm lens, Zack my Fuji X-A2 with 16-50mm lens & Goldy my Iphone 6|

Back then I post around 5 or more nonsense photos a day without thinking if it's a good photo or not. Then one day, I said to my self nobody wants to see my 5 or more photos everyday, nakakasawa. So I tried deleting bit by bit to achieve the look that I wanted. Then I taught myself how to use those editing apps I downloaded namely Snapseed, VSCO and Instagram editing tool. I tell you it requires patience.

First, I used Snapseed to correct the colors like the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance and so on as you can see above. I like how I can control the amount I put into the photo.

                                          Before                                                                                After

Second, VSCO my go tos are HB1, HB2, A6 and C1, all free presets. I find it impractical to buy all presets, why not use the free ones. The editing actually depends on the photo since all photos are not the same, some are bright some are dark.

Last, Instagram editing tool If I'm still not satisfied with the brightness etc of the photo I (always) use the Instagram editing tool. Because in VSCO, if you add +1 in brightness it turns really bright and I don't want that I want my photos to have colors.

                                                                                                                  Before & After 

I know there's a lot of amazing Instagram feeds out there that are so #feedgoals compared to mine but at the moment I'm satisfied with my feed, I like how it still looks natural I can still post whatever photos I want without ruining the 'theme' as for the others. It's not about the followers or the likes, it's about telling your stories through your photos. I don't have hundreds of likes or thousands of followers, I made my feed looks presentable for myself cause it makes me happy. I enjoyed it as my past time. I wanted it to be a reflection of myself, what I love and what I do. Don't be intimidated and don't ever own photos as your own when its not yours to own just so you look cool and for the sake of #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #friendshipgoals. And lastly, you don't need to have an expensive camera if you don't have one, camera phones are fine just use natural lighting and bring out the best artsy in you.

Love. Kristine

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