Caffeinated: Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop

by - Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Friday night Meg and I went to Tim Hortons because we both had a rough day and we needed something to calm us down and just chill like a villain. The night turned out so nice because it's not that hot anymore and we are able to walk along Sheikh Zayed Road with the wind blowing our hairs back and forth.

It was literally a night especially for my friend, we learned our lesson the hard way to never trust anybody especially when you're not in your home country. It was a stressful night but we still manage to squeeze in some laughs and selfies and went home around 11 pm.

I just want to end my post with a little sentiment of what I experienced a couple of days. No matter what you do either it's good,bad or nothing at all, people are going to talk sh*t about you. There will be people who aren't going to like you no matter what, there will always someone to criticize you and your work. No matter what they say (like my grammar in my blog, how pathetic I am and so on) just ignore them because they think they know better and they're just so brilliant. Everyone seem to have an opinion in everything. Just flip your hair, never stoop down to their level and don't give anyone the pleasure of breaking you down. Just know you are better person, smile and walk away. And don't forget that your family and REAL friends have your back. Just Kill them with kindness and stay classy.

Love. Kristine

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