Live a Little - Confetti, Sparkles and All

by - Sunday, July 24, 2016

It was a random day and we decided to visit one of tourist attraction in Dubai which is the Dubai Museum despite of the summer heat, it was more or less 45 degree Celsius. There's this sheet of paper posted outside the door written in Arabic (which we didn't understand) and assumed it's close till 23rd of July, as typed in Red font. There's actually a bunch of people waiting outside with sweats everywhere including ourselves. We even had a small talk with a woman from France who waited long enough just to let herself see what's inside and have a peek of how Emirates lived their lives decades ago, but to our luck, it was really close. People slowly disappeared and waved goodbyes with a little disappointment. As usual we ended our day at the Mall and feed our starving selves with good food, laughs and hugots (mas masarap kasi libre ni April haha) .

We can never get what we always wanted. There's always bumps, disappointments and struggles along the way, that doesn't mean we stop, we try not just for trying but because we wanted it. There's always  next time. That's the nature of life, there's no excitement if we live within our boundaries, live a little - confetti, sparkles and all.

Forever 21 V-neck shirt, American Eagle jeans, Vans shoes, Casio watch, Aldo sunnies, 
Canon 1100D camera

Love. Kristine

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