Life Lately: Ups and Downs of Life

by - Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I haven’t done this post for like eight months and I missed writing down what’s my life been doing lately, it somehow helped me see things how I am doing. Am I living my life or just simply exist. There’s nothing fancy at all except that I went to Armani Hotel weeks back haha. There’s a lot of going on lately some are good and some are bad but either, we still have to be thankful for the lives that we have today.

more food 
gaining more and more weight
went to Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa
longing to travel
watched Me Before You (been waiting the movie)
reminiscing how it's like to be a kid again
went to Ajman, one of the Emirates
trying a new Instagram feed (pinkish photos)
hustle and bustle
Ramadan short office timings
sleeping late nights
finishing the book The Nightingale
coffee everyday
iced coffee at Starbucks
finally decided to try and explore Manual mode of Liam (Canon 1100D) and Zac (Fujifilm X-A2)
stress (family and work)
heart broken again after 7 years?
some people come, some people go
back to normal working hours
supper hot weather
heart aches and break up (referring to a friend)
giving space to a friend (as her request)
still solving and figuring out family problems
financial problem
spending time with friends (whenever we can)
long weekend
burned skin

I told you there's a lot of going on. haha to some it all up, it's like dealing with ups and downs of life. What about you? How's life lately?

Love. Kristine

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