Checking In: Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa

by - Thursday, June 16, 2016

view from our room
the hallway from the suite, it was dim, how Mr. Armani wanted it to be, actually the whole hotel was dim light, which  is nice btw, it 's relaxing.

world in one Ipad, from lights, curtains. television, door (camera door) it's all in here. You can also tap the fountain sound, so that you can hear the music inside your room every time the dancing fountain show starts

Everything was designed by The Mr. Giorgio Armani himself, with a touch of his elegance and high- fashion from the exterior, interior, down to the little details.

Photos don’t give justice how fancy the hotel was. I only used my phone and it’s just a quick invitation from my cousin who celebrated her birthday yesterday at Armani Hotel with her family. After she called, at the back of my mind, shoot! I should have listened to my gut this morning to bring  Zac (my fuji X-A2) with me, nevertheless forget the camera and I went straight to the hotel. 

I was really shy when I went out from the cab because it’s so fancy that I could talk. A guy went out and opens the cab door; I was greeting them with a big smile on my face because I don’t know where to go and whatsoever. When I reached their front desk, ask my EID what room bla bla, and then escorted me going to the elevator. Simply how unique the place was because you will never know which one was the door of the suite, I have to tap everything then finally found it (the lamp light thingy, see above hallway photo). I have to play it cool but I was laughing in my mind. haha! 

It was definitely luxury and I am so thankful to my cousin because she invited me to go there and experience it myself, a once in a lifetime experience. QUALITY food and service.

Location: Inside the super tall skyscraper in Dubai, Burj Khalifa.

Love. Kristine 

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