My Top 5 Instagram Account for Travelling

by - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Everybody wants a life where they can travel whenever they like and wherever they like. Some our fortunate because they're born with silver spoon, some people travel as part of their work a.k.a bloggers or cabin crew and a lot people have to work hard to save money so they can have the best vacay ever and also a reward for their selves. And I am one of the a lot, it's always been my dream to travel, it's a bit expensive though since you have to get hotel, flight, visas and so on but nonetheless it's worth every penny. You get to see different people, see different places, try new food, meet new people, learn different culture ugh! I can't wait to experience it myself , but for now I'm fine seeing instagram accounts related to travelling. It's nice to get ideas from people who already went there, it will be handy in the future. And right now, I'm saving for my long-time-plan-first-solo-travel-on-my-birthday, fingers crossed!! 

My favorite travel blog. Since I discovered Brookes blog, I didn't stop reading then followed her Instagram account. I find it really inspiring. it makes me wanna peruse one of my goals which is traveling. It doesn't matter if it's travelling solo or with friends or with family as long as I hop on a plane and discover new places.  It makes me wanna go to the places she went and you can get a lot of great tips like places to see or food to eat during her trip. From the time she was still single up to finding her guy, from her solo travel to her not so solo travel anymore, I'll still be a fan!

If you haven't visited Philippines yet, it's the best Instagram account to follow. All places here can be found only in the Philippines. *Proud Filipino here. Every photo has inspiring stories from different people, people who loves to travel and get lost.

I like checking Emilie's Instagram because I like how her photos tell different stories. I like how it's relaxing in the eyes and the way she edited her photos (if she did so) is just calming. I love checking random IG feeds so that I can be inspired in any ways and many ways. It's nice to see the work of art of random people in their own ways.

I just recently found the two IG accounts above then I checked their blogs as well. I'm happy I found them, another blog added on my list. yey!

I like discovering new feeds, another inspiration on how to get amazing photos (but of course it has to be your own photo and do not take credit from others assuming its your photo) It should be better Instagram without trying so hard. Instagram should reflect who you are and what you love, not just for the sake of followers and likes.

Love. Kristine

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