He's Just Not That Into You

by - Monday, June 20, 2016

Sometimes you say things that you don’t really mean, like waiting for your right man or you’ll start your diet today or start saving money and etc. You keep on saying those words but the truth is, you don’t mean it, embarrassed to say because I am one of the yous, you only said it for the sake of saying. Last night, a little bird told me about someone who I thought I was looking for, It felt weird I don't know if I was sad, hurt or poker feeling (if the word exist); I’m having goosebumps, there's something inside my stomach like the butterflies just died, then I answered “Good for him. We never talk anymore.”  My reason why I don’t talk to him anymore because I keep telling myself that if he wanted to talk to me, he would but he never did and I thought I was annoying him. 

Maybe I miss read the signals, maybe I didn’t get what was going on or maybe I was expecting more from it. But I end up liking knowing the truth; finally, my mind will not be bothered anymore. Deep down I know that I’m being cray cray about it but I'm trying to keep it cool like It's okay it's not a big deal.

Never let someone define your worth. Save your efforts to someone who can give you the same. You are a girl, you should know your importance (you know that but sometimes you never think straight when it comes to your heart) It's always a battle between your heart and your mind. your heart wins or your mind wins but never both. 

True, we learned from our mistakes especially the bad ones.  He’s just not that into me, he made that very clear. This time, it will be me, myself and I. I still have plenty of time to meet my guy, maybe not now but eventually. I just have to focus on myself and do whatever I wanted to do. I have to wait patiently like seriously, they said the less you think the more it will come. I’m young, earning and single. And I'm cool with that!

PS to myself,  Don't rush it. Life doesn't revolve around having significant other I can still live life with myself, friends and family. 

Love. Kristine

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