Caffeinated: Pappa Roti

by - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

One of my go to places includes Pappa Roti, in love with their plain bun. My friend arrived last night from Oman so I beeped her up and asked if we can meet and it was also her birthday the other day. My sister luckily was her day off so we invited her in. Since it’s already starting to get hot in here, we met past five and the nonstop chika begun. We talked about one thing the whole afternoon, the details and updates about what she's up to. 

I am a person who usually gives advises for my friends, it's like I'm their momo haha but this time it's different and as I mentioned before I haven’t tried the whole thing, falling in love and hard break up. I don’t know how I can comfort her or what words to say. All I can give is my time and by listening, good thing my sister was there, so they talked and talked and I listened. 

Love. Kristine

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