Il Etait Une Fois

by - Sunday, May 08, 2016

It was supposed to be my alone time and planned to watch Captain America: Civil War but when I reached the movie house, the schedule I picked was already close and tried the next schedule but the remaining seat was two and literally in front of the big screen so I canceled my plan and went to Starbucks cause my head is spinning.

Afterwards, I ask my friend if she wanted to meet up, which I waited minutes for her to reached our meeting place at the metro. We talked and talked about her feelings and how's everything going (heart broken) I feel so sorry about her but I cannot think any right words to make her feel okay even just that moment. Sometimes It's just so scary to let your heart get broken, especially myself, I don't know if I can handle and how will I respond but I will not let my scary self get in the way as they told me, it's part of our lives, it's really painful if someone broke your heart but also it feels great to let yourself loved by someone. Love is just crazy.

We passed by a little carnival and end the night watching the colorful lights and happy kids and it somehow lighten our mood. How nice to be a kid again with no stress and worries.

Love. Kristine  

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