Caffeinated: Starbucks

by - Monday, May 09, 2016

How could a guy turn down a girl last minute? Is it really that hard to say it earlier? It's okay if there's any change of plans but not to the point where he told me on that day and that exact time. It's even his idea in the first place. How insensitive and he didn't even bother to say sorry well, news flash, if you don't mean or unsure then don't say it. How simple is that? I know I'm being bitter about the whole situation but how could you not?  To me, it's not acceptable to cancel very last minute except with REAL excuses then it's fine there's plenty of time but with no apparent reason, that's NO NO. I tried to be cool with that because I don't wanna over react. Sorry to say but no more second chances. BYE! Next time please make up your mind. 

Anyway, I just wanna say that God Bless Philippines. I hope that there will be a peaceful election today. Regardless of who you will be voting for, be sure to vote wisely. And I hope it's an obvious win that no one questions. 

Love. Kristine

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