Life Lately: What Bothers Me

by - Sunday, March 06, 2016

Last Thursday I went to Caribou (again) because I was craving for their salted caramel cappuccino but I end up getting their new salted vanilla latte plus red velvet cupcake. I am totally gaining weight, I am complaining so I went for a jog in the afternoon that day (it happens once in a blue moon, so I took the opportunity with two hands). And I think the next jog will be after months? Haha hopefully not. I spend almost two hours in the coffee shop and just coloring my Lost Ocean coloring book the whole time with a little social media.

WHAT BOTHERS ME: Is it okay to tell someone that you missed talking to him even if you don’t have the right I mean in the position? It makes me sad. He made me used to to talked to him everyday then he just shuts me out. I hate that! For me it’s better to tell the truth than let me think that I did something wrong. I don’t like forcing myself to anybody who doesn’t care what I felt or doesn’t even bother to care at all. Pat, if he wants to talk to you, he will talk to you. Give him the space he wanted.

BTW, my sister arrived here in Dubai last night and I just finished filming my wedding message to a friend who is getting married in two months. Time flies too fast. I’m Still in shock (in a good way) and really happy for her.

Love. Kristine

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