Valentines Day Gift Guide

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

1. Lips Phone case or any phone cute case will do. Let's be honest here, if you have Iphone at some point you'll love collecting phone cases an kept on changing whenever you find something cute 2. Fuji Instax Mini in Red Raspberry. Girls love taking pictures a.k.a selfies and you can use it capturing your memories in an instant 3. Sweater or any top will do. It should be what type of clothes she usually wears 4. Pandora charm. Heart because it Valentines day 5. Bath & Body Works Scented Candle 6. Victoria's Secret perfume 7. Cute Mugs  8. Sunnies 9. Essie Nail Polish 

I find it hard thinking for guys gifts but here are my picks: 1. Boxer shorts 2. Toms Shoes. 3. Swatch Watch 4. Nike Cap 5. Giorgio Armani Perfume. Girls likes their guy to smell nice all day everyday  6. Polo Shirts. Guys are more vain the girls  7. Ray Ban Wayfarer 

I've always been the old school type so I would say give a flower or bouquet plus the gift. Above are my top picks for Valentines Day. It's not necessary to buy expensive gifts (mentioned above are just ideas) unless you have enough money to spoil your love one. I haven't tried spending Valentines Day with someone special or received gifts from someone. Oh I forgot! I received a valentines letter/poem when I was in 1st High school and that's it. HAHA Someday, I know, I will be blogging how I spend my Valentines Day with my love. I never lose hope!

I hope you guys enjoy Valentines day. Treat your love one extra extra special this month and every day!

Love. Kristine

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