Keeping My Circle Small

by - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I experienced being bullied at school, not the best experience ever. It went to a point where I don’t like going to school anymore, I cry every morning and my dad gets so angry because he doesn’t know what is wrong with me until I spoke to my parents and my dad talked to that person.  I am a person who doesn’t speak or doesn’t do anything whenever someone bullied me; I’m always the crybaby. Some people will see me as a snob, it's because I'm shy I had a hard time making friends because I fear being rejected and being judged and I am also awkward. Thank God, God gave me a group of people who like me as me (though I know I have my moments but they still accept me). I can say they are the people for keeps. That's why I always keep my circle small. I have a barkada in high school and also in college, both still my circle until now. But I’ve known some people as well, who are my previous classmates, schoolmates, and friends of friends. FYI.

We all wanted to be as friendly as possible, but of course, some will judge you from the outside, not for who you really are. It’s really nice to have lots of friends because you get to know different kinds of people, able to hear their life experiences; you get matured and learn things. One of my life goals. 

Whoever experience being bullied or get scared at something, don't keep it to yourself. Always remember that you have your family at your back all the time. They will never leave you and they help you as much as they can. 

Love. Kristine

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