I Don't Need Mr. Valentino to Celebrate Valentines Day

by - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Their Valentines Day special, Red Velvet. I just have to try because I love red velvet 

 I haven’t really tired celebrating Valentine’s Day with my special someone. For the past 22 years, it’s always been either with my family or friends, but I never complained anyway. I remembered every valentine’s day, my friends and I go out and look for people who brought flower s& teddy bears with them then laugh and make stories. How weird are we right? haha  For me, it was never a big deal, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean its compulsory to celebrate it JUST with the boyfriend or its just exclusive for couples, you can always celebrate love day with your family or your single girlfriends or whoever you wanted to celebrate it with. What matters most is that person wants to be with you and spends time with you. And trust me it’s much more fun than just spending it with two (I meant as a couple).

But of course I am a girl and I am kinda hopeless romantic meaning I’ve always wanted to try but maybe not this time, not this moment. I’m still waiting for that moment to arrive and hopefully I can find someone who likes doing cheesy things once in a while. *wink

Love should not be celebrated only during February 14, it should be celebrated every single day. Just enjoy life being single and live a little.

Love. Kristine 

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