How I Spent my 22nd Birthday

by - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I am now officially 22. I had a very simple birthday celebration last week. On the exact birthday, 6, we didn’t do anything. My mom gave me flowers and one of my roommates gave me cake so my birthday was really a birthday (if you read my previous post about having cake). On the following day, my colleagues and I went to Costa coffee and bought me a cake and sing happy birthday then at night, a friend of mine treated me at Boracay Bar. On Friday, we had a little lunch together with the whole family who are living as well in Dubai. My cousin gave me Pandora bracelet and also one my roommates gave me a pair of slippers.

I am very thankful for being surrounded by wonderful people. I really appreciate them though I looked like I didn’t. I am so bad at showing my feelings. I know I was never hundred percent good daughter, a roommate, a cousin or a friend but still someone appreciated me. Maybe I still did something good somewhere and I believed so too haha.

Love. Kristine

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