by - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

It was in my bucket list no. 59  to have a picnic in the park but in my hometown, Gensan, there’s no perfect place for picnics and honestly we never do that. And I personally think we Filipinos are not fond of having picnics in the park, we prefer to eat out at restos or somewhere. It's never our thing. I was really amazed when we went for a stroll after party; there were a lot of people enjoying themselves and enjoying the cold weather. People are eating,grilling, running and talking, it was a beautiful mess. It was a chill day for the oldies and play day for the kids.

I attended kiddie birthday pary last Friday so that’s already crossed out on the list held at Dubai Creek Park. I only ask for a simple picnic at the park, but God gave me more than what I asked, he gave me a birthday party to attend to just to let me try the picnic thingy.

Believe it or not, I ask for a goody bag to bring home, inside was lots of chocolates and a 3D puzzle. That's what I like children parties, the goody bags, its like a prize for being sociable. haha

Topshop dress, Forever21 sling bag and H&M doll shoes

Love. Kristine

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