Photographs from Miracle Garden

by - Saturday, December 05, 2015

Hmm I'm starting to think is there fairies and small people at the bottom too?

I, myself, loves flowers, so when someone invited me to visit Miracle Garden I said yes. I was totally excited to finally see the miracle Garden for the first time. Boy the place was jumped pack with all the busy bees. It’s kinda wrong timing because it was so full and it was UAE national holiday, expected to see lots of lots of people, you can never pose properly because a lot of people are passing and walking around. It was all a quick snapped. Nevertheless, it was still fun and confusing at the same time because I don’t know where to go first I wanted to go and see everything. I was like Oh! I like that, and that, oh my! that is cute, nice, I love it and it didn't stop haha. I have to go back, please?

Mornings will be much beautiful everyday if you have a garden like Miracle Garden on your backyard. 

Credits to the entire team behind the Miracle Garden. They are all amazing and so talented to make it look like a paradise. It was totally 101% effort.

PS my photos doesn't give justice to how wonderful the place was. All photos doesn't have any filters or adjusted the brightness contrast etc. I really need to invest on a laptop and editing tools to give much appealing photos. Anyway, enjoy! 

Love. Kristine

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