Pens and Notebooks

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

When I was a kid I am really fond of buying autographs, stickers, stationary, colored pens and crafty things until high school. College was more of like planners, notebooks, washi tapes and pens. It sounds kiddie but I like going to bookstore and just look around, they're irresistible and cute. My family somehow understands, my dad understand he doesn’t mind seeing me writing in my diary then I pretend that I’m not writing and carefully close the notebook haha.

There's nothing quite as excited as a fresh blank notebook. And sometimes I have the feeling of I don't wanna write in them yet. I don't wanna spoil them. This is probably the reason why I get so excited every school year, excited to buy new school supplies. It's like the right pen and notebook can speak what are my thoughts and what I am feeling. And the feeling is really different in writing it down in your phone or any gadgets that you own. Hand written feels more real.

I just like having them even if some of them I’m using and some are half used or not. In my defense, just can’t find the right notebook and pens?  *wink

Typo Silver 2015 planner, Kinokuniya Pink journal at AED 49.00 , Momento pink 2015 planner Php 199.00 , SM Department store Paris notebook (unused) at Php 149.75 and Bonjour notebook at Php 99.00 , Daiso floral notebook, Typo 2016 planner at AED 59.00 and Paperchase markers at AED 27.00

Love. Kristine

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