Ways to Attract What You Dream of

by - Sunday, November 29, 2015

Photos are so irrelevant of my post right now, I really cant think well and I kinda in the not-so-good-mood. I've been struggling with whats happening lately. I just can't concentrate well and the energy within me is really not that fun and happy anymore. But despite of all, I still believe that Everything will be okay and Every cloud  has a silver lining. If you are struggling,always look for the  good in every situation.I was reading this article and reading is not just enough so I decided to copy at least 5stepson how you can attract what you are dreaming of. SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE

1.       Be Positive.
Walk Around with the most positive attitude possible, so positive people doesn’t know what to think. When you speak, do it with good intentions. Attract positive thoughts no matter what you’re going through. The more positivity you have in your life, the less negativity exists.

2.       Be Grateful.
There’s nothing in this world we shouldn’t be grateful for.
Be grateful for your family. Be grateful for your friends. Be grateful for a home. Be grateful for food to eat. Be grateful for adventure.  Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have any of these things. Some of us start with absolutely nothing. Don’t take anything for granted.

3.       Recognize everything happens for a reason.
Attract your ability to succeed, no matter what happens. Life is very mysterious, in a beautiful way.

4.       Learn from EVERYONE.
Not only we do learn from our experiences, it’s also important to realize we can learn something from everyone. We all have something to learn or teach one another. This is pure evidence e for why we are all capable of anything.   

5. Don't give Up.
Ever. Never. Period.

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Love. Kristine

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