Loving You Is Red

by - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is it too early for Valentines day? All my life I haven't tried celebrating Valentines day with someone and by someone I mean boyfriend/soulmate/ significant other/ other half etc. I am single for a long time and it's okay. But I'll be lying if I'm not interested (everybody does) or it never crossed my mind, I'm still waiting for  the right man and the right time to come. Right now, I am more interested in reaching my dreams, to travel and stable lifestyle.

Remember, staying in a relationship that is nowhere to go is a waste of time. Those times could be used in meeting the person who is really meant for you . You're just delaying the possibilities of finding real love.

PS. That's what I believed in! 

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Love. Kristine

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  1. Nice job on the article ... hope to read more and but more detailed :)