Life Lately: Okay But Not Really

by - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why do we keep saying we’re okay but the truth is we’re not?  Because A)  we are scared to tell the truth B) we want to keep some privacy within ourselves C) it’s not necessary to spill all the details to everyone and let them know what you are feeling or D) it’s much easier to tell you are okay and move to the next conversation. 

Well anyways here's what I've been doing for the last weeks. 

started reading a new book (still not done yet)
tried how to swim (still I get drown when its too deep)
went to Global Village 
breakfast at Le Serre
they called it power breakfast at Il Cafe De Roma
Making my own CD album (since I bought their albums on iTunes)
weather's changing
almost Christmas
bought Coca- Cola Lip smacker in 3
gaining weight
canker sores

Planner really comes in handy, if you're so forgetful (and writing down everything) like me, you can just check your planner if ever you forgot what agendas you did  for the entire month. (laughing)

Love. Kristine

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