Photographs from Global Village

by - Sunday, November 15, 2015

It’s always been my dream to travel and to see the world someday (ASAP) and last night somehow made it happen. It’s just made of flat woods and Styrofoams but it really looks amazing especially at night because of the lighting.We went there at around four in the afternoon so that we can see it both day and night with entrance fee of 15 dirhams. In each country they sell different products from that specific country. My favorite was in Africa, selling a lot of animal wooden sculpture with different sizes and shapes, and Turkey selling Turkish sweets and the handicraft paints from ashtray, plates, tea sets and figurines.  We tried the boat as well, we paid 50 dirhams for one boat with a capacity of seven (7). They also sell food inside so if you’re hungry after long walks, you can grab something to eat too. 

F&F top, American Eagle Outfitters jeans, Vans shoes, Fiorelli Bag

Love. Kristine

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