by - Thursday, November 19, 2015

A lot of people get scared when they heard or encountered change, I, myself was one of them. I am more comfortable with what I'm used to, what I already have or whom I’m with for the last 20 years. I was never a type of person who wears a ragged or tomboy –ish outfits but here I am liking and embracing all types of fashion. Before, you will never see me wearing sneakers except for P.E class (compulsory). They’ve know me as the girly girl, I started trying because some of my friends wore them and they look good without even trying but then, I gave up, it felt like it was really not my thing and uncomfortable. The love for sneakers started when I bought my Nike Air Max, followed by Olive Green Vans, and planning &saving for New Balance and Adidas Super shell. It was never my intention to like them, it just happened. 

Maybe that’s what change is all about; you don’t have to force or try too much on yourself or anybody else to change, it will happen unexpectedly also when maturity starts coming out in your shell. People change, they grow.

H&M shirt, Bossini jacket, Old jeans & Vans shoes

Love, Kristine

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