Unboxing: Fujifilm X-A2

by - Thursday, October 08, 2015

Finally, I got my hands on Fujifilm X-A2! Thanks to Gitex (an annual computer and electronics trade show and exhibition event here in Dubai with big discounts and a lot of freebies in all gadgets) My eyes twinkled when I saw a lower price on  this baby. I wanted the X-T1 but its too expensive and I easily get tired of gadgets. 

The reason why I left my dslr in the Philippines was to sell it but I'm happy it didn't because I just can let go of him, by the way I named it Liam. My mom gave the DSLR as a gift on my 18th birthday. I invested in large DSLR camera because to me it looks so professional and looks "cool". It looks like I know what I'm doing but the truth was I had very little idea to use the camera like use auto mode and click haha and its weighing me down (heavy and bulky). For 3 years I actually didn't use its capacity and I wasn't able to explore its potential.

I hope this camera is good and won't waste the money I invested. By the way, I decide to buy the A2 because my fave bloggers are using it like Camie Juan & Cheyser Pedregosa. It's too shallow! haha

I got 2 batteries, 2 black slings and half leather case.

I'm calling it Zac.

Love. Kristine

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  1. I can still remember the day when you "introduced" us to Liam! Hahaha. I miss those OOTD sa campus days. Lol. I love your new layout ish! Super nice photos too! :)

    1. hi ish! this time Zac Efron nanaman. Me too ish HAHAHA effort nakatwa ko mag remember. Thanks ish. I opne ang link daming nice na layout dun. I miss you!