Life Lately: Eating

by - Friday, September 25, 2015

It's all about food. Now, I eat lots of rice at lunch. By the way if you didn't know, I try not to eat that much because my I get fat easily but I eat lots and lots of sweets (its still the same). I have this thing of not eating rice 3x a day since high school because I got fat when I was in first year (high school), I have a circle face shape so my face gets rounder and my thighs gets so fluffy. Now you already know the main reason why I get so paranoid when I eat. But I never got really thin though, I'm a huge fan of breads and sweets which are carbs just like rice haha.

Chocolate shopping
Light reading with cookies dunk in milk
Bus stop
Breakfast routine
Baskin Robbins
New darker hair color
Bought buy one take one Romoss (power bank)
Bought a new book (All the light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr)
My first "me time" in the movie house (I'd like to use "me time" than "alone time")
Inside Out
Pens and Notebooks
Pigging out
Eid Holiday

How's your life lately?

Love. Kristine

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