Life is Funny

by - Monday, September 14, 2015

Have you ever tried figuring out your life right now or asking what are you doing or what you should be doing?  

This is just another phase in my life where I can't figure out what am I doing or what should I be doing. It's like everything is not right, my work and choices, It gets complicated as I get older. Life is really funny as I can imagine. Just when you thought you all figured it out, you already have plans, a list of your to do's, you get the adrenaline rush and  excited and felt like you already know where you're heading and all that imagination comes rushing, but when you stared to finally begin with the plan, suddenly the path changes, the road sign changes and you're lost, your compass is broken. It's so easy to lose your way and lose direction even if following the map. Everything changes and you go back and start from one.

It's kinda frustrating seeing a lot of people who think and act that they all figured it out. Like they're on the right track and just smoothly road tripping, or maybe, possibly maybe they're just confident enough and knows how to handle and hide the situation.  

I'm sure this is just a phase and everything will fall into place if you just believe, have faith and trust in yourself and Him.

For me, at this moment, I'll just go with the flow and eventually hopefully I can think of something ASAP.

Love. Kristine 

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