10 Things I Learned

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

First things first, this is not an EMOTE BLOG haha but just bear with me for a while, I still don't have a camera (wished I didn't leave my old slr back in the Philippines).

Who says life is easy? Maybe a person who is genius,billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Life is hard to describe. As I journey my life in the real world, a lot of things changed (depends on my definition of change), missed some people (kinda don't have feelings anymore, I don't know) and some events that I wanna be part of, some laughs and some time with friends and family back home. But at the back of my mind, this is what I choose and by dealing with my emotions is not the answer so deal with it.

1. I learn to cross busy streets and running to get the bus or metro.

2. I learn to walk fast and conquer long walk in hot weather.

3. I become matipid. I actually don't know why, even if all the brands from shoes to hair ties are here. Or I'm scared to spurge my money. Thinking it twice, trice or more.

4. I prioritize the needs than wants. Sacrifice is the right term here.

5. Kinda get used to the idea of sharing rooms with (stranger) people. But still, I want to have my own little flat.

6. I am more into writing down everything. My bad habit when I was still studying, it gets 2x worst. I like writing down my plans much more than having in my phone or elsewhere (which I couldn't find).

7. Still PATIENTLY waiting (my man),  but this time it's real. I was waiting patiently before but honestly deep down inside I really wanted it so bad. Maturity (bow).

8. To give more importance to my family and friends. Being away from them made me realized that its hard not to be around. They grow older without witnessing, the changes you didn't notice, and celebrations that you missed being together. The togetherness really matters. I wonder how my mom able to handle that for like 10 years. She gave so much sacrifices for the family.

9. I don't communicate much with my friends and family. I don't know why, its so sad to thinking about it. I felt like I'm isolating myself, so not a good daughter/sister/friend. 

10. My attitude is not good. I easily irritates, I get so grumpy all of a sudden. It worries me. Huhu. I don't wanna be forever ms. grumpy Kristine. I wanna be called as a good person, everybody does. I wanna live a happy life, make friends, give love and be a little sweeter and nicer to everybody starts NOW. I'm such a moody person. (insert sad face).

What's the difference of being a moody and bipolar, BTW?

Remember (emphasizing myself) here's always a room for change. Turn your negative into positive. 

Love. Kristine

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