Thursday, 5 March 2015

Coffee Thursday

It’s too early to say that I will have my vacation in the Philippines in June, (already filed my leave) it’s just 3 months to go. I am really excited because my friends and I are planning to have another outing after a year.  Ever since we already graduated and already have our own separate lives, we find it hard seeing each other because some are still studying and some of us worked in different places especially me I’m miles away. Even if we don’t constantly communicate with each other I hope that everything is still the same. I may not see them every day and rarely communicates but I know our love for each other is beyond time and distance. I’m just scared if we might outgrow each other but I don’t think so because I have faith with both my high school and college circle.

I’m really excited and I can’t wait. Fingers crossed.

xx <3.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy List Vol. 1

Happiness is defined as a feeling or showing of pleasure and contentment. A smile in a face is a simple symbol of happiness. It’s what we all strive to find, keep and maintain even if it’s elusive as ever. It’s easy to say that you are happy but we can’t also deny the fact that it’s hard to find happiness especially in a difficult circumstances or when someone loses his/her taste in his/her own life. That’s why I decided to have my “Happy List”, so that despite of everything, I can see and find my own simple happiness especially little things. It is a reminder that there’s always a way to find simple happiness and choosing to be happy. I honestly don’t want to be under the list of forever-miserable-unhappy person. You will see, understand and at the same time enjoy life when you find happiness within yourself and the people/things that revolves around you.

1.       Bough a bigger jar of Nutella.
2.       Celebrated my mom’s birthday
3.       My family received the package I gave.
4.       Designed my planner.
5.       I got my salary.
6.       Went to Starbucks.
7.       I had my “me time” twice. Start and end of the month
8.       Regaining my energy from my 2x fever and colds.
9.       I finally finished the book I’m currently reading (Everyone Worth Knowing)
10.   Fresh milk and Choco milk.
11.   Fixed my Instagram account.
12.   Someone said I’m every guys dream, a very flattering word. It’s so nice to have someone who sees me that way.
13.   Bought Instax mini 8 in blue.
14.   Went to Abu Dhabi.
15.   Started reading a new book entitled The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinstella.
16.   Someone followed me on Instagram (long time crush)
17.   4x exchanging of chat with (above)
18.   Starbucks with Ate Rox.
19.   Had lunch with my cousin in Dubai Mall.
20.   My dad and older sister are now okay.

Remember to appreciate small things because you’ll be amazed by how little things can change your mood.

xx <3.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Currently Reading

Have you ever felt like you've lost interest in reading? Maybe at some point we just lost interest at something. I've done that a couple of times. I wanted to be productive as possible but just too tired and too lazy to move.  I’m still not finish with the book entitled Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger. I was sick for the second time around. I lost interest in everything except watching TV. I didn't read any book and do any exercise. All I do was browsing social media, fed my one fighting fish and just lie down in bed. 

It’s still my current read. I’m planning to finish this book over the weekend.

xx <3.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Coffee Thursday

I mentioned before that my coffee Thursday would be me going to coffee shops but then I changed my mind. For some practical reasons it’s always been a little pricey when you buy coffee in all coffee shops so why not include me in the house, still having my cup and plate of goodness. So right know I’m here at our house enjoying my early out from the office.

I wanted to share this for so long but there are still a lot of thoughts that I wanted to post right away. I’m blabbing about this because my friend, Anna messaged me in face book and said that she loves me and misses me. That’s why it’s nice to see a text message/chat or hear someone says I love you; I miss you or how are you randomly. It means that someone cares and remembers you in any way. It may not be from a boyfriend (if you don’t have one) but what makes it more especially is that it’s from the people that are dear to you, your friends and family. So don’t ever get tired of saying I love you, I miss you and how are you to your special someone, friends and family. There’s nothing to lose, if you feel like saying it then say it. It can make her/his mood much better.

Random to share:
It’s very flattering when my guy friend says that I’m every guys dream. It’s not that I question myself but I feel like it’s too much and it makes me wonder if he’s really telling the truth haha but honestly I am so glad that someone sees me that way. It’s one of a million really.

I can’t wait for the month of June!


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Idea's for Valentines Day

Hey all the single ladies! I know this post is really not for us but every girl has something in mind right? Even you don’t have your special someone; it’s not that bad to dream or imagine. Just keep on waiting (patiently) cause there’s someone out there or maybe God is still writing our stories. Just hold on tight!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what are your plans for your special someone? Don’t Panic! Every girl can appreciate everything even the little things especially when it’s from the heart and you extended more effort to prepare just for her. Let’s spread the love all around. Here are some of my personal romantic ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day more special.

1. Flower – nothing can go wrong with flowers. Surprise your special someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or even just a single long stem flower in the morning when she wakes up or during your dinner. You can also play your theme song or her favorite song as your background to add more romantic vibe. And don’t forget to put a hand written letter.

2. Prepare a special “valentine’s day” breakfast for two at your home or if you don’t have your cooking skills ask help to your mom the night before (pancakes will do) or you can do downtown and buy food to have a simple but intimate breakfast.

3.To make the day more sparkly and fancy, give her jewelry. A heart shaped jewelry. If you like you can emboss her name, your message or both of your name on it. Silver, gold or diamond doesn't matter. Every girl loves to have jewelry and accessories.

4.       Sweet love. The day wouldn't be any sweeter without chocolates. You can go for the usual heart shapes or for it to become more “ma effort” make a chocolate cover written your cute messages or the qualities that you love about her.

5.       To wrap the whole evening, take her out to a special dinner (don’t tell where) where she can be allowed to wear fancy. Bring out the romantic side of yourself, it only happens once a year. Remember to have a good and fun night.

Those are my perfect Valentine’s Day idea that I stored in mind for so long haha.  I hope it can help you to decide on what to do on this kind of event.

Spread the Love.

xx <3.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Coffee Thursday

I’m currently here at Starbucks making this blog post. I’m enjoying my cup and plate of goodness. I treated myself cause I really had a rough week cause I’m now working on the new task that are given to me. Good thing its Thursday already (weekend here) and good thing I’m having my “me time”.

Caramel Frappuccino + Double Chocolate Muffin

I didn't end the month with a bang because I got sick for four days. It’s the first incident that I want to recover in a snap because of work cause when I’m still studying, I really take my time for my full recovery but now, they don’t consider that. I honestly hate it. It’s a big deal when you missed work especially when you have co workers like mine. I take medicines every four hours but before I really don’t, because I feel like my fever will just get worst if I take meds.
I was sad because my plans for the weekend didn't happen. I want to avail the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) but sadly I didn't cause it ended last February 1st (I have work on that day and I’m still on recovery phase I don’t want to overuse myself again). Well I guess there’s always room for next DSF in 2016.

Life adjustment still continues... in 3.. 2.. 1..

xx <3.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My January 2015

Nothing grand happened to me for the last 30 days. haha Nothings new but still I will show my January instagram Post. Follow me @kristinemayea .

a)January phone case b)went to visit mom’s co-worker c)#quotes d)happy 2015 e)what I usually eat f)new year’s OOTD  g)a good way to end the first day of 2015.. ice cream h)polka dotted skirt from forever 21

a)I was trying really hard to do it. It was hard. b)#nowplaying c)my eye and thick brows d) starbucks mocha and apple scented candle e)The Walk, JBR f)#nowplaying g)a letter to self before my birthday h)happy birthday to me. I’m already 21 years young haha i)view. I wanna live here so bad

a)shoefie # 11 b)my family in the Philippines celebrated my birthday sweet! c)birthday greetings from fam d)to do list on weekends (Thursday) e)#throwbackthursday cousins weeding f) finally decide for a quick jog g)after jog, need Gatorade h)following my To do’s i)late birthday dinner

a)tried my new 38mm curling iron from Remington b)Pope Francis visits the Philippines c)Essie nail colours d)don’t that Ouchy. Bump in my forehead e)it was a day of rain f) there’s a rainbow always after the rain g)coffee and listening to my current 10 faves song h)hard as a rock bread. They prefer it to dip in a tea i)#quote & working on it..

a)oats and coffee for breaky b)ready for a quick jog c)strawberry yogurt d)I’m really a flower girl, Gimme more e) & f) I was sick for 4 days.  

Hello February!

xx <3.