Monday, 19 January 2015

My Ten Songs on Repeat

It's weird saying that it rained today here in Dubai. It was the longest rain I ever experienced so far. It started at 6 am till 8.30 am. I was totally wet in reaching the office (didn't see that’s coming) plus the other incident (I’ll tell the story on my Coffee Thursday post) Anyway, since I was left all alone in the office, I had a cup of hot coffee and listened to my current playlist.

1.       Already Taken – Trey Songz

2.       Dangerous – David Guetta Ft. Sam Martin

3.       Listen to the Man – George Ezra

4.       Every Breaking Wave – U2

5.       No Good in Goodbye – The Script

6.       Extraordinary – Clean Bandit Ft. Sharna Bass

7.       Down by The River- Milky Chance

8.       The Heart Wants What it Wants – Selena Gomez

9.       Boss – Fifth Harmony

10.   I don’t Mind - Usher


xx <3.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Coffee Thursday

I went to Tim Horton's last Thursday. It was part of my to do's for that day and I don't want to turn my planner down so I went to. And, one of my 2015 goals is stick to my plans. haha Then at 5 pm I went for a quick jog at the park. It was clearly written that I should jog on Friday and Saturday but look at me I never did. Boooo! 

french vanilla + blueberry muffin

I’m not a morning person but soon to be. When there’s no work, I usually wake up at around 9 to 10 in the morning and sleep at around 11 to 12 midnight; it’s also my routine when I was still in the Philippines.

I’m really not a type of person who wakes up early in the morning without any difficulties. There’s always a part of me who wants to lie down and just go back to sleep but I can’t do that anymore since the boss change my time schedule at work because I have a new assignment and I should be early as possible. I have to wake up at 5:20 am take a bath, fix myself and a hot cup of coffee since its starting to get cold here and a must to start my day and to wake me up too.  My time schedule now is Bus at 6:17 am, metro station at 6:36 am and office at 7:02 am but it should be 7 am. This is really crazy and I hope I can handle it all the way. Wish me luck!

xx <3.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Polka Dots on New Year

Oh my I actually didn’t notice. When was the last time I posted about outfits? My posts lately are all about my blabbing. I actually didn’t take any OOTD because I can’t find the right clothes that are blog worthy on my daily basis choice of clothes and nobody will take a picture it’s just me, myself and I and like I said, I wanted a little effort in picking clothes which is not happening as you can see. And here comes my concern, I’m getting fattier which means I don’t like the idea of dressing up, really disappointing (sad story of my life) but hey! The year just started and there’s a lot of room for me to do the “blog worthy clothes thing” and “the loose weight thing”. For now, this picture was taken on New Year’s featuring the polka dotted skirt. We went to The Walk in JBR (Jumeriah Beach Residence) for a little sightseeing. 

a good way to end the day... Ice Cream <3

New Yorker Blazer, Max Sleeveless, Forever 21 Skirt and H&M Shoes

xx <3.

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Letter to Self

Dear Kristine,

     I’m writing this letter the day before your birthday. I know you find it weird writing your own self a letter haha but anyway I’m happy of what you've accomplished for the past years though it may not the biggest things. You've gone a lot of things like bullying, heart breaks, lack of self confidence and self esteem, problems with school, early responsibilities and some family problems along your journey but it didn't stop you to continue enjoying life. Wow! time really flies so fast. Before, you’re just a kid crying because you’re scared of going to school but look at you now, graduated from college and working. Now that you’re turning 21 (which you consider the very legal age) you’re actually getting old haha and I know you’re scared of what life ahead’s you. Just don’t forget to pray, ask for God’s guidance because I know he will not give you any problems if he thinks you can’t handle.

       Now that you’re getting old in number, which means there’s a maturity inside you. You may not notice it, but it’s always been there. Always do good to other people especially to your parents (brother and sister included) because they are also getting older. And it’s time to pay them back for all the sacrifices they made just to make you feel comfortable in life even though they’re not asking anything in return. I know you want to be a worthy person.

       Always appreciate your friends, the ones who stayed after how many years. A Friend who’s there in times of need, the one  who gives advices, the one who cares and who loves you for who you are. I know you value them and love them even if it doesn't show haha (Goal: be showy and vocal) Always keep them in your heart forever. Also make friends with other people and make friends along the way.

        Continue to dream, don’t stop dreaming. Believe in yourself, don’t stop believing. You have a lot of things in your head that you want to happen in your life especially about travelling and building and designing your very own house. You know you can achieve it if you will really work hard on it and of course you have to save money.

         And don’t forget to love. Finding your right match will come to you unexpectedly maybe in a bus, train, street anywhere. I know somewhere in your heart, you’re longing for a person to love and loves you back, just keep your patience a little longer. Every person in this world have their own match so for now, just enjoy being single and be just be happy. I know you learned something about love, so be a little showy and sweet type of person haha. Don’t close your door, be open will all the possibilities.

          Learn how to love yourself more every day. Stop complaining with this and that. You just have to fully accept who you are and what you have. You just have to enhance what you have. Embrace yourself, compliment yourself, treat yourself right, spoil yourself because who else will but only yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. 

Enjoy life. Be optimistic. Be appreciative and change your bad attitudes you know what they are haha.

20 year old 

Friday, 2 January 2015

My December 2014

 Every New Year is a new beginning and every year we make it our goal to be the best version of ourselves than the last. That’s what New Year is all about, embracing the change we encounter all through the 365 days we had. It’s about facing the new chapter in our books and put an end to the years had gone pass

Now, I'm showing you my December activities.

a) I bought vanilla scented candle from Max b) cloud shot c) Dubai 43rd National Day d) my everyday make up essentials e) This month’s read is “P.S I love you by Cecilia Ahern” f) cloud shot g) this month’s phone case from Claire’s h) Fave John Legend song Stay with you

a) coffee to start my day (usual routine) b) #selfie c) my cup says “coffee & cake the sweetest thing” d)started to collect flowers e) #selfie f) flower collection g) my Christmas wish Sony A6000 h) tea before going to bed (usual routine)

a) coffee Thursday at Starbucks b&c)attended Xkye’s 1st Birthday d) taste amazing e) went to Habtoor for Parasailing g) riding a boat f) Went for a swim after Parasailing. It was hot really hot. h) quote to self  

a)A lot of books on queue b) copied some work from Google c) made my first ever leche flan d) my perfect combination. Chocolate and strawberries e) #selfie f) first Skype with Anna and Kent finally!  g) Went to IKEA just to buy scented candles h) vanilla, strawberry and lavender scent. My new obsession, scented candle i) tea before going to bed.

a) Smirnoff night. Early Christmas party together with mom’s workmates b) dinner at chopsticks and I tried fried duck for the first time c) family left in the Philippines d to h) Went to Dubai Zoo on Christmas day i) a good way to end Christmas a hot starbucks white chocolate mocha.

a)All set for 2015 though I’m disappointed with my new planner. The paper is so thin. I was just amazed with the cover. b) Late Christmas gift from Ate Rhea, Bvlgari Perfume c) Yesterday Dec. 30 was really a foggy morning d) quote to self

I just want to quote this from the book entitled The Secrets by Rhonda Byrne.

 “What you think about most is what will appear as your life. Try to focus on the things what you want not on the things you didn't want.”

 “You can completely change every event on your entire life by changing the way you think and by choosing your thoughts. There’s no such thing as hopeless situation. Every single circumstances of your life can change”

There’s always a room for change and what better way to start that change is right now. New Year means new life. Change the way you think, think positively! 

Happy New Year everyone and that all of your hopes and dreams come true!

xx <3.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Life in a Year

When this idea pops into my head, I was totally clueless. I honestly can’t think a thing about my 2014 unlike other people there have a lot of things going on with their lives Haha.I really don’t have a good memory that’s why my planner really comes in handy. I get to see my to do’s, things I bought, events, people I’m with, moods, notes, stories and every little detail in a year which is great to refresh certain events and of course to reminisce. So I decided to make a list of all the major things happened to me in the year 2014.

January – celebrated my 20th birthday, a surprise birthday celebration to be exact.

February – Last University Week in NDDU 


March – I graduated with a degree of BSBA- Management Accounting (and my older sister graduated from college too)

End of March - Went to Talicud Island, Davao with friends (it was a big deal because it’s my first to go this far with friends) 

After 5 long years we are sort of complete (only Jen’s missing the fun who is now residing in Manila). Representing my high school barkada and we named ourselves as Shekescae. Our friend Janessa from Canada went back home in the Philippines.

First week of April – Thanksgiving at the same time farewell celebration 

Mid April – Went to Dubai

May – Started my first job

June - My first one month Ramadan experience

July, August, September & October – Adjusting with the environment, my work, people and everything in between

Day 1 of November – my first all souls and saints day without the whole family

November – added a new member in the family named Jacob (cousins son)

December – my first Christmas without the whole family 

P.S. July to December – I’m still adjusting with my work. I still have some very minor errors but I consider it as major errors and with that, I’m very disappointed with myself and my capabilities. I’ve dreaming bigger job but then I can’t perfect the simple works. In 2015, I promise to be as good as I can be and not just promise, work on it and also with my flaws and all.

Time flies so fast Ahhhh 16 hours away till New Years!

xx <3.

Monday, 29 December 2014

All Set for 2015

I’m used of not having classes on holidays (reminiscing school). But since I’m already out of school, I can’t believe there’s a work in between those holidays and I feel kind of disappointed sigh! Good old days.  Well’ so much with the sad intro, since New Year is only days away I’m so excited to show you my 2015 planner and some cutie things to spice up my planner and be inspired every time I write on my To do’s, plans, budgets and a whole lot more excitements.

One of the best places to go to on my list is book store/craft store. I’m a planner type of person. I like to write on my journal. Writing down my thoughts, feelings, plans, to do’s, to buy’s, well everything, literary everything. I like to have a lot of note books, coloured pens, art papers, stickers and other craft things. I know its kinda kiddie but it makes me happy, my number one rule starting today.

Here’s a little exercise I want you to do, I have done this for the past years and it helped me to remember the things I want to happen in my new year. Write down words that describe your goals and dreams you’d like to achieve in a year, and then turn those words into action. Put it in your planner or anywhere you like that you can easily see them and by that, it will constantly reminds you to follow your dreams and be the best of you the whole year. And don’t forget, when the year is about to end highlight the things you achieved or done over the year, seeing those lists with a check marked will make you happy knowing that you’ve done something for yourself. It’s a self fulfilment!

I can’t wait! Let’s start writing our first black page.

Typo Planner, Paperchase Marker 

xx <3.